Alessandro Gnocchi attended industrial design courses in Milano and started his own practice in 2011, focusing on furniture and consumer products.
Much interested in how things work, tries to formulate ideas in simple and intuitive ways, with deep knowledge of manufacturing processes and profound regard of forms and functions.

Working with

Belca srl Interno Italiano Moleskine Tobeus United Pets Viceversa Waypoint and more

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Sept. 2016 / London Design Biennale
White Flag is an exhibition organized by Triennale di Milano, Silvana Annicchiarico and Giorgio Camuffo. 21 designers for 21 white flags. @Somerset House, London, sept 7th thru 27th.

Apr. 2016 / Salone 2016
During the 55th edition of the Salone I am very pleased to invite you to see two products I've been working on with very much passion: Plan, a chair designed for italian brand Interno Italiano and Magnum a 3D printed pen I've designed supported by Alessi. You're welcome to come and pay a visit at via Palermo 1 (the former) and viale Tibaldi 10 (the latter). See you!

Dec. 2015 / Casina del Principe
Mestieri domani, the exhibition curated by FOS, moves to the Casina del Principe in Avellino. Open from december 6th, 2015 till february 20th, 2016.

Summer 2015 / ¡ Mexico !
Design Week Mexico invited a group of italian designers to join forces with Mexican designers to visit Chiapas in south Mexico for a one week workshop with local artisans. Results to be exhibited at DWM in october 2015.

Summer 2015 / Trevico (AV)
The amazing duo From Outer Space designed the exhibition Mestieri domani, offering "a parallel between folklore and reinterpretation of design and traditional techniques, with projects by young italian designers such as Walter Giovanniello, Sovrappensiero Design Studio, Bhumi Ceramics, Alessandro Gnocchi and Luca Spagnolo, Sud Collective, Antonella Di Luca and others".
August 8th thru September 10th 2015, Palazzo Scola, Trevico (AV).

Apr. 2015 / Young & Design
On Air, a floor lamp for italian brand Waypoint, has received the second prize at Milano Design Week award "Young & Design", reserved to designers under 35 years old.

Feb. 2015 / Stockholm Design Week
The Italian Trade Agency and Triennale, invited a small team of young italian designers to be part of the Designboom Mart during the Stockholm design week.

Sept. 2014 / AplC
From september 4 till september 7, 2014, I've been invited to participate Architettura per la Campagna, a workshop on rural architecture, aimed to build simple, useful and sometimes poetic structures to help out the people that live everyday in the farm where we were guests.

Apr. 2014 / TDM VII
The perpetual calendar Picchio is part of the 7th edition of the Triennale Design Museum, curated by Beppe Finessi.

Jan. 2014 / anni Zero
Dopo gli anni Zero. Il nuovo design italiano (Laterza, by Chiara Alessi) is a book featuring a selection of designers working in Italy during the first 10 years of the new millennium and that keep up the new italian wave of design making.

Sept. 2013 / Italian Cultural Institute of NY
Thanks to A. Stabile being selected as a Top Young Italian Industrial Designer, Wired will be on show in NYC within the Slow Design Exhibition.
6 – 30 September 2013, Italian Cultural Institute of New York, 686 Park Ave NYC.

Jun. 2013 / The New Italian Design
The Times family and Picchio flew to San Francisco to join the latest round of The New Italian design.
June 22 thru August 11, 2013, Cannery Galleries, Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

May 2013
UP30 is a handle for pet grooming brushes designed for United Pets. It was designed back in 2010 and now is on sale for selected clients of the company.

May 2013
Picchio, the perpetual calendar I designed with Luca is on sale at RAUM italic in Berlin.

Apr. 2013 / Milan furniture Fair
The travelling exhibition Degni di nota will stop this year at the Cascina Cuccagna within the Goodesign 2013 show. Pass by to see "Esercizio" two prototypes on two beloved subjects of mine. Degni di nota is a project curated by Gianmaria Sforza.

Jan. 2013
During the january edition of Macef, Italian houseware company Viceversa will be presenting a new series of products designed by Alessandro Gnocchi with Luca Spagnolo. They will be on the market soon after the presentation and will be available in different selected stores around the world. The collection features products to uncork, serve and taste wine.


Cani Sciolti is a collective calendar made by thirteen different authors, curated by the stellar duo From outer Space (Anna Paola Buonanno & Piergiorgio Italiano) and printed in a hundred limited copies.
My december is based on a very simple idea: indent sundays once, indent festivities twice. What apparently looks as an unordered grid of numbers, helps in getting the date right.


I have been given the chance to design a wooden chair by Giulio Iacchetti, founder of Interno Italiano, friend and maestro of mine. The path was immediately clear to me, given the young but rather confident history of I–I: it is a story of craftsmanship, authentic materials, clear language and simple manufacturing. Plan is a solid ash armchair, composed of uncomplicated parts that together speak humble, nice and refined sentences.
Main features are the hung backrest (which gives unexpected comfort), and the solid armrests, for robustness and consistency of language.


When talking 3d printing, it is often said that designers have no constraints in doing their job. I then decided to give myself the limits around which I'd design this pen: it had to be made in one piece (plus cap), it had to accomodate the highly available "G2" refill and it had to take advantage of the technology used for manufacturing.
Magnum is simplified to be as descriptive as possible, intuitive and comfortable. The generous groove for the refill acts as a decorative, functional and ergonomic detail.
It was developed within the Alessi goes digital workshop, during a three year time span. Read more about it on Domusweb.

  • 2016
  • supported by ALESSI, Italy
  • sls sintered nylon
  • 12 x 12 mm — H 128 mm

alessi goes digital

The Alessi goes digital workshop (2013–2016) was documented on a printed catalogue curated by ID — AG and Mario Scairato, with photographs by Fabrizia Parisi, published on the occasion of the namesake exhibition (12>15 04 2016). The main concept was to tell the hands-on approach of the project as well as the deep technical roots and the three dimensional soul of it. A 50x70 monochrome poster was also printed.
  • 2016
  • w/ Mario Scairato
  • supported by ALESSI, Italy


During summer 2015, I attended a workshop in Mexico, invited by DWM, joining forces with Mexican and Italian designers. I've been working with clay together with Teresa, my fellow artisan up in Chiapas: we have refined a process, rather than a design. The result is a couple of vases (namely Pasos) that go along Teresa's skills and her way of working: to build up a big concave container, it takes several days, as she has to wait until one layer of clay is dried to put on the next one. We decided to exploit and stress this behaviour, leaving each layer uneven and hence marking each paso/step.


Joe Achille Miguel is my personal take on the classic subject of the floor lamp, with height adjustable diffuser. The adjustment is provided by two torsion springs coupled as a handle, insisting on a hex bar. The result is a descriptive object, whose parts are designed for a clear and effective grammar. JAM is available as a reading lamp with dome diffuser, or as a luminator with cylindrical diffuser.

It was awarded second prize at international design contest Young&Design.

  • 2015
  • Waypoint, Italy
  • aluminum, stainless steel
  • 35 x 32 cm — H 160 cm


Invited to take part at the Designboom mart during the Stockholm Design Week, I've designed a few welcome cards for visitors, picturing some of my products. Have a look!

  • 2015
  • Stockholm, Sweden


Hot summer delight, a paper-pulp hand fan designed from traditional japanese uchiwa and named after the pavese, the tense part of a fan.
Designed for an exhibition in summer 2014 in collaboration with Ecozema, producer of disposable tableware.

  • 2014
  • paper pulp
  • 220 x 210 mm

the times

Consisting of a series of glasses, a jar and a decanter, The Times is a family of objects designed for everyday table setting. They share the same outline scheme, playing on sizes and proportions. The simple shapes of the bottle and the decanter are completed by the silicone caps, oversized for ease of use. The glasses are injection molded in copolyester, tumblers are stackable.


Hombre is like a natural extension of the bottle, like a bird on a tree, like a hat on one's head. The big circles on top ease opening and capping operations.

Hombre (yellow) and his fellow Hombre Frizz (black) are designed for still and sparkling wines.


Edward is a corkscrew that implements the foil cutter with two cutting wheels at the bottom of its arms. It is designed to be as intuitive as possible, adding as little as the new function needed. Its mechanical heart is highlighted by the translucent plastic and since it looks like a human, it stands to save space on laid tables.


100 x 100 tobeus took place in December 2012 at the MOST in Milano. It showcased a hundred unique wooden cars based on the Tobeus format, hand made by Mastro Giovanni in Brianza and designed by a hundred different designers.
Guido is a cartoonish racing car with thick eyebrows and driven personality.
Main sponsors of the event were Alessi and Corraini Edizioni, who published the exhibition catalogue.

  • 2012
  • Tobeus
  • natural solid cedar wood
  • 160 x 75 mm — h 84 mm


Keeping the structure simple is what led to Studio, come from a simple constructive idea, put together in a linear way of assembly. Its raised height makes it comfortable for different kinds of tasks.

Despite the thinness of the sheets the folded metal structure is strong and stiff. Footrests and legs are connected with standard screws and the legs themselves are anchored beneath the wooden seat. Since welding is unnecessary it is less expensive and easier to manufacture and ship.

  • 2012
  • sheet metal, plywood
  • Ø30 cm — h 60 cm


Working on this project literally meant to be on site with skilled CNC tube bending machine operators, facing technical and technology problems as well as budget constrains.

Wired is a stacking chair, designed as a simple placing, tangling and chasing of steel tubes, which start paired and parallel, then separate, and then again come back to rejoin. In their travel they draw the seat and the backrest. It is adaptable to indoor and outdoor environments, with wooden boards or sheet metal as seat. It is completely manufactured in Brianza, by experienced, technologically aware artisans.

Belca is a little company, well-established in the crowded panorama of contract and community chairs in Italy. Wired is the first example of a collaboration due to create its own portfolio, headed to meet aesthetical and not anymore only-functional needs.


United Pets is a company marketing tools for domestic animals. I have designed a handle to fit a set of stock grooming brushes. The inner part is molded in hard plastic to ensure stiffness, the rubbery co-injected perimeter provides a good grip.


Bruno Munari: "La cenere da tabacco, da sola, su di un bel piattino di maiolica gialla, può anche essere bella da vedere, ma quello che rende sgradevole l'insieme è l'aggiunta inevitabile del mozzicone della sigaretta. Il tutto assume allora l'aspetto di una piccola pattumiera che non sta certo bene sopra una tavola da pranzo o su di un tavolo ordinato.[...] Occorrerebbe una specie di scatola, con una fessura nella quale introdurre la cenere e il resto, che occultasse il tutto." → translation

This project has a direct link with the Cubo by Munari, both on the eye and the mind: a cylindrical container holds an elliptical sheet of metal cut on one side, resulting in a sloping big surface to put out cigarettes and a small slot to hide them in.
Read more about Apollonio di Perga and his studies on sections.


Not unlike Enzo Mari's iconic Bilancia, this project focuses on simplicity, materials and clear graphics.
Picchio is a perpetual calendar made by two poligonal rings standing on each other. The circular shape describes a perpetual movement itself and the shared sides allow the rings to advance in a gear-like motion.
Manufactured in Italy in two sizes.